Tokyo Textures

Some photos I took on a recent trip to Tokyo with my Wife.  I am exploring some of the design principles of repetition and balance for my blog.

anime family
Anime family (I am not familiar with the characters). I took this photo on a recent trip to Tokyo. There is a lot of art and anime painted on the outside of shop roller doors. It means that you have to get out early to find them and photograph them.
Tokyo real estate window display board.
Tokyo real estate window display board. I took this photograph as I liked the repetition and order of the display. I also like the red and green and the cute little rabbit tribute.


Sake barrels
A photo I took of Sake barrels however they are not full of rice wine. When displayed near a Shinto shrine, such barrels are called kazaridaru, which means “decoration barrels.” As you surmised, the barrels on display are empty, at least in physical terms. Spiritually, they’re chock full of significance. In Japan, sake has always been a way of bringing our gods and people together.


Blue and red round badges I took pictures of on a recent trip to Tokyo. Tokyo is a wonder to the visual senses.




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