Disney Redesigns ‘Star Wars’ Posters After Getting Called Out For Plagiarism

Disney has unveiled a new set of posters for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story after its previous artworks were called out by a French artist for plagiarism.

In this redesigned collection, Disney has amended the graphics whilst sticking to a similar color scheme.

Each character remains paired with a unique color. For instance, ‘Han’ is matched with an orange-red aesthetic, ‘Lando’ gets a blue hue, while ‘Q’ira’ receives a pink-purple scheme.

The large, bold lettering that was seen in the former designs has also been eliminated from this refreshed version. The new posters sport the movie’s standard logo. ‘Han Solo’ is now only identified as ‘Han’ and his gun graphic has been removed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney claims that the posters were done by a third-party vendor and is currently investigating the matter. GeekTyrant highlighted that the gun visuals have been removed from the posters in support of gun control that has been making headlines recently in the US.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on 25 May 2018.

[via Mashable, images via Disney]

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