Blu Dot Designs New Work/Space STORY in NYC

Blu Dot Designs New Work/Space STORY in NYC

Blu Dot recently partnered with STORY, New York’s ever-changing concept store in Chelsea, on its 40th installation featuring a pioneering experiential concept to explore the future of workspaces. Work/Space STORY is a fully furnished innovative installation, co-working space and brand showcase that pivots from the ubiquitous open office to a focused spectrum, from highly social to highly immersed.

Designed and furnished extensively by Blu Dot, the installation features five workspaces along this focused spectrum, from the magazines and games of The Salon to the small, deep work rooms of The Chamber. Additional collaborators include Aaron Dignan, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin and Arianna Huffington, and brands like Starbucks Reserve and Samsung.

Work Space STORY 01

“As offices are designed and furnished to feel more and more residential, and we’re all working anywhere, anytime, through any medium, the idea of the workplace is totally in flux,” commented Maurice Blanks, co-founder of Blu Dot. “At Blu Dot, we think a lot about how we can design for this new normal, and our collaboration with STORY is a great opportunity to be part of this interesting conversation.”

Work Space STORY 02Work Space STORY 03Work Space STORY 04Work Space STORY 05Work Space STORY 06

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