Networking Analytics Dashboard and Network Monitoring

The fundamental job of a network administrator is to monitor the network for traffic usage, performance, availability, and faults. This continuous practice helps network administrators to respond quickly to the issues in their network, and ensure an optimized utilization of the network.

An effective network monitoring tool is either a software-based solution or a java software development company and hardware integrated solution that monitors and analyzes the network from end to end. The tool studies the network for various metrics such as latency, bandwidth, CPU usage, and responsiveness. The solution is also responsible for issuing alerts and warnings when the performance of the network exceeds thresholds, that is when the network exhibits over-usage or downtime.

Employing Network Analytics can prove to be of utmost benefit for any organization as it empowers the management to-

  • Discover in-depth analysis of the network that is not otherwise possible.
  • Improve business performance by avoiding costly mistakes, maximizing revenue, and optimizing capital investments.

  • Lessen the risks of failure by making informed decisions based on the prediction of network usage and its implications.

Important features of a network monitoring and analytics tool

Any network monitoring and analytics tool should have the following features inherently-

  • Interactive speed – All networking monitoring and analytics activities need to happen in real-time, and so it becomes vital that a networking analytics tool be quick to respond. While there are millions and billions of business flows, users need the ability to navigate without lag from one tab to the next in the tool.

  • Cost-effective – Mostly, network monitoring tools are expensive so that network analytics becomes a luxury rather than a need. A usable and efficient network analytics tool should not burn your bank!

  • Search capabilities – A network monitoring tool needs a quick search UI with a simple query syntax to filter specific flows and packets of networking data from millions, in a minimal amount of time- ideally fractions of a second.

  • Visual reporting – Ideally, a network monitoring system should have the ability to report the network traffic and performance metrics in real time in visually appealing charts and reports. This helps network administrators to get a lot of information in just a glance.

  • Custom dashboard builder – When the network administrator wishes to create a custom dashboard, he must be able to do so seamlessly. It should not be a hard task to incorporate information into dashboards.

  • Easy modifications in network settings – A network monitoring software must have provisions to modify the network settings on the go and troubleshoot issues in the network. While most network analytics solutions are view-only, this capability is an added advantage.

Apart from the features above, automatic capacity planning capabilities come in handy too. It is only needed when management of the network infrastructure is desirable. These facilitate sending alerts to network administrators when the available memory, network capacity, or bandwidth is about to be entirely used up.

Steps to ensure network monitoring success

  • Identify the crucial devices on your network to keep on assessing them time and again, because your business depends on these devices.

  • Define what your network policies look like. This could outline the devices that need monitoring, the people who get to access the analytics data, the alert and warning situations, etc.

  • Configure monitoring settings on your servers, such as setting them up to work with SSH and WMI. This step ensures that your monitoring software gets access to all information.

  • Define what a standard performance means to you, and what you consider over-utilization and under-utilization.

These steps make sure that you get to be at the steering wheel of your monitoring and analytics system. And, these steps account for a winning network monitoring strategy.

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