5 Minute Reusable Swiffer Cover DIY (No-Sew!)

I love the look of the dark wood floors we have in our home, but let me tell you that they are a bit high-maintenance to clean. It’s not that they need special products or anything, it’s just that the dark color shows dust and dirt a lot easier than a lighter colored floor would, so I feel like we are on constant vacuum patrol at our house. Having something like a Swiffer-type duster can really help do a quick dusting around a room (and the long handled dusters are great for getting under couches and beds, etc.), but I wanted to make a few fast reusable Swiffer covers since we are trying to have less disposable products in the house and this is an easy way to make a quick no-sew version! 
-fleece fabric (make sure to get a fleece that won’t fray when cut)
stick-on velcro strips for fabric
-fabric scissors
rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat (optional)
Cut out a rectangle of fabric that is 10″ x 12.5″ (you can fold the fabric in half to cut two at once).On the 10″ wide sides, cut a 3″ x 3″ square at the middle point of each side.Center your Swiffer on the middle of your pad. Cut 2 pieces of the loop side of the velcro and 2 pieces of the hook side that are both 3.5″ long. Leave the left side flaps of your cover flat on the table or mat, peel off the backing, and place your loop strips 1/2″ from the edge. Fold over your right side flaps onto your Swiffer and place your hook side strips in the spot right where the loop strip will hit when folded over. Repeat with as many covers as you want to have and that’s it! Now it’s time to get dusting!You can either dust with this dry, or do a few very light mists of a cleaner onto the pad before dusting as well. I usually like to dust until the pad is pretty covered and then pick off all the big clumps of dust, throw them away, and keep dusting until I’m done (which is the same thing I do with the disposable pads as well).

While I think the fleece does a good job at picking up dust and is great for a no-sew option since it doesn’t fray when cut, if you don’t mind a little sewing and wanted to make this with terrycloth or a microfiber that is a better fabric for grabbing dust, just do the following: cut 2 of the same shape with a 1/4″ added around the perimeter, sew around the edge with a 1/4″ seam allowance leaving a 3″ gap, turn your cover right-side out through the gap and hand sew the gap closed and press with an iron. Then just add the velcro strips as usual and you’ll have a sewed version with a different fabric!

I would wash these fleece covers on warm (dry on low or air dry), but make sure to stick the velcro tabs together before washing so the hooks don’t grab at the fabric or other items while being washed. There you go—an easy way to make a reusable dusting option and keep those dust bunnies at bay! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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