Craig Oldham — Oh Sh*t… What Now? — London, UK



Oh Sh*t… What Now? by Craig Oldham and published by Laurence King is an honest, no-holds-barred guide to breaking into the creative industries from someone who has been there, done that. Craig shares his own experiences, ideas, advice, criticism and encouragement. As well as help on landing your first job, it talks about getting the second one too.

This publication contains profanity. Because, sometimes, working in design is sh*t. This book will offer advice on what to do if things get hard, bad, or if you f*ck up. Like how to know when to leave a job, or what to do if you get sacked. But mostly, design jobs are great. Craig Oldham tells you how to boss an interview, spruce up your portfolio, or even how to set up your own studio. With sections covering education, portfolios, jobs vs freelancing, working process and personal development, this honest, funny and frequently irreverent guide is a must-read for all design students!

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