GROHE smartcontrol shower pairs intuitive design with intelligent technology

for over 100 years, GROHE have continuously exceeded consumer expectations to shape new, dream-worthy yet accessible desires within bathrooms and individually progress the status quo of the market. their luxury sanitary collections astound by pairing appealing aesthetics with technology-led innovation. this follows their principles of design, which is focused on the experience and explores how intelligent systems can enhance this. at the forefront, the award winning GROHE ‘smartcontrol’ shower system epitomizes their values. the unit is not only dynamic and high performing but most importantly, joyful to experience, with many more details beyond the beauty of its exterior.

the smartcontrol shower system’s clean, versatile design ensures it fits with any interior style
all images courtesy of GROHE

with ultra-clean architectural lines and minimal optics, the GROHE ‘smartcontrol’ shower system seamlessly completes any bathroom setting. it transcends standardization with the ability to be installed as exposed or concealed variants, with the former available in either a super-rational round or square format. this enables architects, planners and interior designers to fit the sanitary system to their creative vision. adorning a chrome or white-powder-coating finish, the design can be specified with two or three buttons, as well as either a chrome or acrylic glass rainshower. furthermore there is a third installation option, called ‘excealed’, which removes the visible shower rail to only expose the ‘smartcontrol’.

the intelligent and intuitive design delivers the perfect experience

how many times have you been in a hotel shower and stood there, not knowing how to operate it?,’ asks GROHE design chief michael seum. the ‘smartcontrol’ shower system replaces confusion with intuition. the control panel, which is either built into the wall or exposed, features a clearly laid out series of push buttons that act as water ‘volume‘ dials. with a simple touch, this smart functionaility enables the user to choose one of three different shower-spray modes – purerain; triomassage, which massages your head and shoulders; and the power & soul hand shower. if desired, a second spray action can operate at the same time. these individual preferred settings can be stored to the intelligent system, ensuring that a customized, precise shower experience is delivered each and every time.

the power & soul hand shower mode can be activated at the same time

the consistency of its highly personal and effective performance is key to the GROHE ‘smartcontrol’ shower system. it enhances ultra-sensitive turbosat technology to deliver water at exactly the right temperature within a fraction of a second, and keeps it faultlessly constant throughout the duration of the shower. the advancement also provides the water in the most efficient way possible, showcasing the brand‘s considerations of sustainability and water management.

the rainshower head provides two beam types: purerain and triomassage

smartcontrol stores personal shower settings to ensure users receive their perfect experience every time

the amount of water can be adjusted from ‘eco’ to ‘maximum’ settings

confusion is replaced with intuition as with a simple press of a button, the shower starts

‘smartcontrol’ can be installed as exposed or concealed, with the former available in a round or square format

GROHE’s design gives the user complete control over the water

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