Learn the secrets of comic strip art at Apple’s live Comic Art Series

To share and celebrate the universal tool for storytelling that is the comic book, Apple is hosting a series of live art events at its UK flagship store on Regent Street, London. Titled Comic Curation the series invites four leading illustrators – Sam Taylor, Dan Woodger, Stephen Collins and Rubyetc – to not only present their work but impart some of their knowledge to any attendees. From building a narrative to developing unique characters, at the end of the Comic Curation, participants will have created their own strip of comic book art.

The series kicks off on 9 April with London-based illustrator, Sam Taylor, who will be focussing on storyboarding. Known for his visually bold, unbridled and explosive artworks, Sam’s imagery is often rooted in an overarching theme, expressed through several frames. For his workshop, he will provide the audience with a theme for their own comic and guide them through tips and trick to build a three-frame strip to effectively communicate this theme.

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