Learning to Crochet Using Raffia with Wool & The Gang!

Another day, another craft skill to add to our repertoire!

You’ll be no stranger to my love of all things straw and raffia – bags, baskets, shoes… Just about anything that includes raffia I have about 15 of… It’s a true addiction. Recently I was thinking that it only seemed right that I start experimenting with making my own raffia pieces, but was a little overwhelmed with where to start. Enter, Wool & The Gang.

I’ve been a fan of Wool & The Gang since they first launched their incredibly cool knitting kits (another skill I need to master some time soon!) and when I saw that they had launched a raffia collection, this time using crochet techniques, I knew it was time to try it myself.

The Ra-Ra-Raffia Collection

It seems like I’m not the only fan of raffia out there, with the coming Spring / Summer season awash with straw and rope on everything – whether you’re shopping for luxury or on the high street… Or making it yourself! I know I’ve mentioned this before but I absolutely love that for the last few seasons the ‘it bag’ hasn’t cost you half a year’s rent, rather it’s been a simple piece in straw that’s accessible to everyone. And now you can make your own as well as a bunch of other gorgeous designs using Wool & The Gang’s Ra-ra-raffia Collection.

Wool & The Gang Kits

You guys know how much I love when you can create something yourself that’s worthy of a designer boutique, and that’s why I like Wool & The Gang. I think the reason you’re able to create such cool items is that the kits are perfectly executed, with high-end materials, instructions and tools, as well as links to online video tutorials so that you can learn different processes at your own pace and skip back and forth as you go. And the designs are definitely more like something you’d buy rather than make – which is always a big test for me!

Making A Raffia Tote

To start my career as a raffia accessory maker, I worked on the Paper Gangsta Bag Crochet project. I’ve done crochet once or twice in the past, but never with raffia, which is such a cool idea. Because of that, it took some time to learn the processes involved with this new skill. But a challenge is always good! Immediately I went deep onto Wool & the Gang’s youtube page to get all the nitty gritty tutorials – the double crochet and chain stitches were both great guides for learning the basics. And once you master these stitches, the world is your raffia oyster!

What’s not to love? Something you’ll treasure in your closet that you can make yourself. And in case you’re keen to try your hand at this but want a smaller project, there’s also a whole bunch of other amazing kits as part of the ra-ra-rafia collection, including these gorgeous raffia glassware covers, this cute raffia clutch and this bucket bag. Enough to keep you busy all season!

This post is in collaboration with Wool & The Gang.

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