Oui Fresh Beauty Box – April Unboxing

Hey Beauties! So excited to break down this month’s Oui Fresh Beauty Box for you. We have some unique treats as well as some items that I think many of you will adopt as staples in your routines, and I know they are in mine (I feel very personally invested in this month’s box because I have so many favorites in here)! We also have our first hair product this month and it’s a.ma.zing. So, let’s get going—I can’t wait to show you what’s up in April! 🙂

The front of our info card this month says “The best day to start is today”—the perfect sentiment for spring as things start to bloom and everything is new!

Silicone Free Miracle Styler Leave-In Treatment by Shea Moisture – (Value $10)

There’s a reason why this is called a miracle styler—it’s incredible. It’s great for all hair types and does everything from de-frizzing to detangling, protecting your hair from heat and then some! This product came into my life right as I was looking for a new heat protectant and I was so happy to have found it (Emma and I both have fine hair that’s prone to heat damage and we have been really happy with how this product performs). I use a few pumps on damp hair and if I’m heat styling, I distribute another pump very evenly through my palms (I have fine, shoulder-length hair, so you may need a little bit more depending on your length and texture), and work through my dry hair starting at the ends and working up just before the crown. Whatever very little product I have on my hands, I smooth on the very top of my head so things don’t get weighed down. Then, I do flat iron curls or whatever else! I really like this product. It has a fruity scent, so if you enjoy that scent profile you’ll adore the smell of this product.

Bergamot Mint Essential Oil by Oui Fresh – (Value $12)

This is hands down one of our team’s favorite essential oils; we had to include it for you this month! We’ve been trying to include a mix of different types of oils for different uses; this one we love for diffusing. This scent is just beyond lovely—words can’t describe! Some say it’s the “lavender of mints” because it does have calming qualities and a mellow scent profile (but still that delicious mint!). Contrary to what the name implies, bergamot mint isn’t bergamot at all, but a member of the mint family. It is uplifting while maintaining a soothing effect and pairs well with so many other oils—we love it with lavender, fir needle, rose geranium, the list goes on and on! If you’re someone that loves mint but is also worried about sensitivity if you have pets and kiddos, this is an excellent option as its menthol content is very low. I remember how impatient Elsie and I were to release this oil (it was part of our second wave release) because it is SO magical! Cranberry Scrub by Pink House Organics – (Value $12)

This is hands down my FAVORITE physical exfoliant I have ever used; I recommend it to nearly anyone I engage with in a skincare convo (yep, any excuse to talk skincare, haha). I am very discerning on which physical exfoliants I will use (physical exfoliant = a scrub that uses particles of a plant, nut, seed, or other material to exfoliate your skin / chemical exfoliant = uses chemicals to send away dead skin cells by aiding the process of cell turnover). There are many physical exfoliants on the market (definitely the most popular one that I used growing up) that are much too rough for delicate facial skin. Scrubs that are too abrasive can lead to micro tears in the skin, resulting in breakouts and sometimes scarring. This scrub is so gentle and does such a great job of buffing away that dead skin and giving a beautiful glow. The ingredient list is BEYOND pure. All you need to do is put a dime size amount of the dry scrub in your hand, mix with your normal amount of cleanser, and gently buff. (There’s no need to scrub! Gentle motions will more than do the trick) I use this scrub 3-4 times a week and swear by it!

K-Sponge Green Tea by The Konjac Sponge Co. – (Value $12)

This little cutie pie is gonna blow your mind—made of 100% natural sponge fiber, the K-Sponge is a Konjac (a potato-like plant) sponge and comes to you from London. This sponge can cleanse your skin without any cleanser at all. It is perfectly alkaline, which means it balances your skin’s pH every time you use it. This sponge is also incredible for those with sensitive skin, those with rosacea, even babies—it can cleanse gently without stripping away oils. It ever so gently exfoliates, so you can use this every single day without worrying about it being too rough on your skin. It starts off hard, so just run it under water or submerge until it’s soft, like a jelly texture, then cleanse! These sponges last about three months, and after that, they’re fully biodegradable. This is such a special product, can’t wait to hear how you all like it!

Botanical Facial Steam by Formulary 55 – (Value $8)

This facial steam is one of those products that starts as a self-care treat and ends up as a necessity. The best part about this facial steam is that it’s an aromatherapy session and a facial treatment in one. The scent can adjust your mood almost instantly (elderflower, chamomile, calendula, and more), and you’re opening your pores to all of the herbal, healing magic that’s coming out of these beautiful leaves and seeds. This steam will help you tone up, boost your circulation, and help the healing process if you’re working with any scarring or healing any breakouts. Cover contents of packet with 3 cups of boiling water in a heatproof bowl, drape a towel over your face and enclose face over the bowl. Now, just relax and breathe in that amazing, healing steam for 10-15 minutes, and follow with a cool rinse!

*This box is all about trying new things in the world of clean beauty, maybe some things you would have never chosen otherwise! We are unable to accept returns or exchanges, as it’s the nature of subscription boxes to receive something you may not want to keep every once in awhile. If you think you might not use something, we recommend gifting it to a friend or family member or donating it—sharing is caring! 🙂 If you have any questions about the beauty box, please visit our FAQ‘s page.

That’s this month! It’s SO good and there are so many super cool things to try. We sell out VERY quickly every month. If you know you’d like to be a part of this amazing monthly treat, click here to sign up! We have some really amazing things coming up that you don’t want to miss!

xo, Keely, Elsie, Emma + Team Oui Fresh

Credits://Author and Photography: Keely Rust. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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