25 Beautiful Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings – Dirty Faces and Flesh by Jkp Fletcher

Hyper realistic oil paintings : JKP Fletcher’s paintings address questions of whether photorealism or hyperrealism is anything more than a photograph with oil based paint. Using ‚Äėreality‚Äô and¬†sensuality to provoke thoughts and sensations of physicality and beauty.¬†Dirty Faces’ Project: Dirty Faces is a series of oil paintings depicting a person painted as a contemporary superhero, the superheroes symbols the¬†archetype of the hero, and flesh or skin to represent people or a person. A female model is used in the paintings to ensure the viewer does not mistake that I¬†have just tried to recreate the superhero instead of trying to relay themes of inspiration, aspiration, soul, spirit, personal reflection, growth and improvement. I hope you will like these¬†hyper realistic oil paintings.

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