3D new york city carpet by shift perspective depicts manhattan’s landscape

design studio shift perspective based in cape town presents its limited edition three dimensional ‘new york city carpet’. the piece depicts the NYC map with almost every street included, while varied pile heights show the diversity of the landscape.


the new york city carpet maps out the southern tip of the manhattan island with the surrounding boroughs. most notable is the famous central park with its green lawns, treetops, and dams appearing on the top side.


different pile heights have been incorporated to emphasize the natural and man-made areas. the lowest heights indicate blue water areas and black streets that run through the city. the medium ones are the concrete areas such as buildings and paved areas with light green lawns. the tallest pile heights depict the dark green treetops that create a canopy for parks. the carpet is limited to a quantity of only 25 and is available for purchase on shift perspective’s website.









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