mayan culture and architecture come to life in this exhibition by rocamora diseño y arquitectura

spanish studio rocamora diseño y arquitectura showcases mayan culture through an immersive exhibition design for MARQ museum (museo arqueológico de alicante). the set up features different fragments of mayan architecture and symbolism that allow visitors to ‘walk through’ mayan history by recreating the atmosphere of the jungle and temples associated with it.

the architects divided the exhibition in three rooms, where they invited visitors to gradually discover more information and details about mayan culture. the first room includes three segments of temples, in which showcases and pieces are inserted. the temples’ graphics evoke mayan iconography and the murals of san bartolo. accessibility is integrated in each segment of the temple thanks to trays at the beginning of the stairs on where duplicates and/or braille are arranged, in which way it is possible to visualize, touch and know everything at the same time. on the floor, a map of the city of uxul allows visitors a chance to walk in scale while visiting the exhibition.

the exhibition’s second room leads visitors in the temples’ interior and is divided by five walls where pieces are showcased while graphics on the walls create images of the jungle along with mayan symbolism. the floor of this room points to locations and unique temples of the mayan culture. the third room contains the most important pieces, the sculptures, some of which reach more than two meters in height. the room is subtly divided towards the end by real-size murals of san bartolo.

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edited by: sofia lekka angelopoulou | designboom

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