5 Stylish Solutions to Replace Those Dreaded Vertical Blinds

While having big windows and sliding glass doors inside your home can feel like a luxury, dressing them can be a hassle. For as common as they are, vertical blinds are universally unattractive—making it all the more difficult to score stylish window treatments for your massive sliding doors.

But fret not my friends: there’s hope to be had. We did our homework and found some surprisingly chic solutions for shading your large-scale windows. Read ahead for a handful of clever ways to cover your oversized windows and sliding glass doors without going the dreaded vertical blind route.

(Image credit: IKEA)

1. Sliding Panels: If you’re searching for a sleek and modern way to elevate your sliding door situation at home, look no further than fabric sliding panels (like the ones shown, which are from IKEA). Also known as panel tracks, these thin coverings look more like screens than window treatments, but still do a stellar job of blocking out sunlight. And since they’re available in a wide range of colors and textures, finding the right ones to suit your personal style (and supersized windows) should be NBD.

2. Curtain Panels: If you’ve ever tried to cover a sliding glass door with draperies, you’ll know you need at least four panels to get a full look (instead of a flat sheet-like vibe when closed). The key to keeping things simple is to find double-wide draperies (they exist!). Lined for ensured light-blocking power and privacy, woven sliding door drapes—like these pinch-pleated stunners from JC Penney—look every bit as fancy as formal curtains despite their jumbo size.

3. Solar Shades: Hoping to score a set of sliding door covers that satisfies your minimalist aesthetic? Extra long solar shades in thin fabrics offer a contemporary alternative to vertical blinds and can still block out bright UV rays. Opt for a clean white pair (these are from Wayfair) for a Scandi-style window display, or go with black if you’re looking to create a little contrast in a neutral living room.

4. Cordless Cellular Shades: Perfect for large windows and patio or balcony doors, cordless cellular shades help create a simple uniform look for your windows without sacrificing an inch of style (or sun-blocking potential). Available in an assortment of colors from tons of retailers (like Bed Bath & Beyond), this thermal-backed option allows you to position the shades at any height you choose—sans the unsightly dangling lift cords.

5. Roman Shades: Similar to cellular shades but with a bit of added style, lengthy flat roman shades are ideal if you’re looking for more formal coverings for your oversized windows. Widely available in a plethora of patterns, colors and prints, flat roman shades, including these fabric ones from Smith & Noble, fold up neatly at the top when fully raised and lie flat when lowered, for a swanky window display (that still keeps sunlight at bay).

6. A Combo (Roman Shades + Curtain Panels): Lastly, a bit of mixing and matching is the ideal solution for anyone who loves draperies and a layered look. Pair a bamboo roller or Roman shade (you can get these extra wide to cover both your doors or big windows), with your favorite curtain panels a la this room (and the one at the lead of this post) from House Beautiful.

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