6 Awesome WordPress Snippets Plugins to Boost Your Google Search Traffic

Even if you’re ranking well in Google’s search results, you could be leaving a lot of valuable clicks on the table. These days in order for a site to stand out in Google’s crowded search results, savvy internet marketers are making heavy use of rich snippets.

In a nutshell, rich snippets let you embed axillary, relevant data points alongside your site’s search listing on Google, which can add a massive boost to your results’ click thru rate.

As a case study on how rich snippets can have a positive effect on clickthrough rate in search engines, I asked Jon, a fellow blogger that runs the site Ergonomic Trends. He used the free snippets plugin All-in-one Schema (reviewed below) to add a star rating to one of his blog posts reviewing the Argomax office chair. Here’s how it appears in Google when you search for that particular office chair:

Image Source:www.google.com

Imagine you’re searching for that particular office chair model in Google, and you see 10 search results that look identical, with the exception of one that has a positive star rating. Which one are you more likely to click on?

Jon has this to say about the outcome of enabling the plugin:

“Even small things like adding a stars rating to your Google listing can produce a dramatic improvement in CTR. In my case, I saw a 38% increase in people who clicked on my search listing as a result. All for 2 minutes of work.”

What Do Rich Snippet Plugins Do Anyway?

Rich snippet plugins insert what are called “schema markups”, or small pieces of code into your content in order for search engines to understand it and create those eye-catching rich snippets that provide viewers with additional info about the search result at a glance. There are many types of rich snippets supported, such as lists if you run a recipes site, ratings if you have a reviews site (or page), and so on.

Here’s an infographic that provides a nice overview of rich snippets:

Image Source: www.moz.com

Here are 6 of my favorite WordPress rich snippet plugins. Each one offers something unique based on your type of site.

1. All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets (FREE)

All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets is a free plugin that will help you get more control over your content. Once you edit your post or a page, the meta box will appear in your editor which helps you edit the rich snippet for that particular post. It supports over eight different types of content like review, event, people, product, etc. It is free and easy to use.

2. Rich Snippets ($66)

Rich Snippets premium plugin lets you turn data you specify into rich snippets, or automatically from different types of existing data on your page. A simple and user-friendly interface helps you organize which of your pages or posts are going to be presented in the search result with rich snippets. The provided templates come in different variations and are well suited for everything from products, events, restaurants, through movies and video pages and of course reviews.

3. Rich Contact Widget (FREE)

If your WordPress website is a physical business where you wish search users to be easily able to locate you, then Rich Contact Widget free plugin is a great option for you.

The plugin uses microdata & microformats markup that helps search engines show your email, phone number, location on the map, right from within the search results page to your potential customers. The interface is very simple to use, and once you enter all the necessary info, the plugin does the rest in pushing that data to search engines.

4. Schema App Structured Data ($37)

Schema App Structured Data plugin automatically creates schema.org markup for all your pages, posts, categories, and more, and organize them into search engine friendly, microdata.

The “freemium“ version of the plugin contains a lot of limitations, such as only being able to have 50 data items and only 10 pages of content. In order to unlock all the features, you will have to pay for one of the pro versions, which ranges from $15 to $37, depending on how much control you want to have.

5. Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin ($22)

Tagyeem is a feature-rich rating snippet plugin. It supports all types of modern looking ratings, like stars, hearts, likes, and more. When it comes to catching readers’ attention, it helps to use rating images that don’t look like everyone else’s, and this plugin will help you differentiate in that respect.

6. WP Review Pro ($77)

And last but certainly not least, WP Review is a great plugin if you want to focus on review snippets for your products, articles, services, or any type of service. It transforms all the important data points into rich schema for search engines to consume. There is a free version available, though unfortunately, it is severely limited.


In today’s ever crowded internet space, getting noticed is becoming harder and harder. Rich snippets give you a powerful way to differentiate yourself from the pack on the most important platform of them all- Google. Give one a try and track the differences yourself.

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