Bas de Wit's Will Just “Grow With The Flow”

Bas de Wit’s Grow with the Flow is on view for few more days at Gerhard Hofland Gallery in Amsterdam. Three years since his last solo exhibition in The Netherlands, this exhibition is featuring all new sculpture works, referencing the changes that happen through life by creating clownesque, surreal objects and settings.

The install for this show is construced as a sculpture garden with Greek colums and classic statues scattered through gallery space. Both wall pieces, recreating existing blank canvases )weathered to impossible state), and stand alone pillars or sculptures, are experimenting with the properties and possibilities of the materials used. Cast in multicolored polyester, these texture rich works are equally captivating when seen from distance or exhibited up close, when endless layers of colors and textures appear.

Deforming and melting, the familiar objects are appropriating almost organic characteristics, challenging our notion of the materials they’re commonly built from. Aside from letting them mutate as a “comment on the transience of culture and a glorification of irrational thought,” de Wit is also making notable changes to their original appearance. For example, his version of John Gibson’s Narcissus has broken in pieces as the infamous Greek myth character tries to walk away from his reflection, about to tip over in his attempt. When talking to the artist, we were told that much of the work process is fully spontaneous due to countless factors beyond his control, which further fits the analogy of the works being a “humorous perspective on the struggle of humanity and the drag of the everyday.”

Photos and text by @SashaBogojev 

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