Editorial Design: The Big E newspaper

Jordan-River Low shared a great editorial design post on his Behance profile. The work was made for a university brief called Advanced editorial. For the project they were supposed to come up with our own unique, or local newspaper, with their own curated information, sections and contents related to the style of the newspaper.

I chose to create The Big E. This is a newspaper for the east londoners. The people who are lucky enough to live with in the E (Hackney Borough). The news, articles, information and general content is curated specifically towards this area and the people that live there. It is supposedly a newspaper printed daily, therefore works the generic role of a high-end popular newspaper, such as The Independent, or The Guardian. Although it is a paper for the people of East London, it however is for all forms of audience, as I feel the content within it applies to wider demographics, and those interested in the culture of East London may be intrigued by this style of newspaper. I tried to translate this through the design of the magazine, representing the ‘edgy’ aesthetic of like of Shoreditch, Dalston, Hackney and elsewhere. I think their thriving creative and art culture and influence was something I wanted to incorporate in the style, therefore a sort of retro style associates with this, while remaining to be viewed as a traditional working newspaper that can be easily navigated and read.

Editorial Design

Printed version

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