Life-Sized Wire Animal Sculptures Look Perfectly at Home in Natural Environments

Artist Candice Bees is a woman of many creative talents. Formally trained as an illustrator, her practice has since shifted into making wire animal sculptures. But she hasn’t abandoned her drawing sensibilities; instead, she bundles the metal wire into dense forms that have an energetic quality to them, as if she scrawled them in pen and ink.

Bees’ work is informed by the countless hours she’s spent around different species of animals. They’ve been a fixture in her life since her youth in southwest England, and she’s continued to study creatures into her adult years—particularly their movements and anatomy. By knowing these idiosyncrasies, she is able to “express animal’s motions and interactions that we may overlook in our daily lives.”

Bees believes that this “subtle behavior” is the key to bringing her work to life. “I am still very interested in subtleties and details such as hair direction on longer coated animals and expression (especially eyes) as I believe that these are key to making a piece of sculpture come to life,” she tells My Modern Met in an email. “My current aim is to make my sculptures as natural as possible out of such an unnatural medium.” And her dedication has certainly paid off; in the images in which she’s placed the life-size sculptures in real environments, they look as though they’re a natural fit for the landscape.

Artist Candice Bees creates wire animal sculptures that have an energetic quality to them—as if they were drawn in pen.

Concentrating on the subtle movements of creatures large and small, they look at home in the natural landscape.

But even devoid of the outdoor landscape, Bees’ ability to capture the whisps of hair or muscle structure is evident—and impressive.

Candice Bees: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Candice Bees.

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