MONK Provisions Handcrafted Drinking Botanicals: Tasty cannabis-infused beverages that offer a variety of effects and dosages

Made with wellness in mind, MONK Drinking Botanicals are THC- and CBD-infused elixirs that are handcrafted using only the best sustainably-sourced herbs, terpenes and freshly pressed juices. Available in a variety of dosage options and cannabinoid combination, the shrubs and juices are made with organic ingredients and aim to help ease pain, inflammation, anxiety and even convulsions.

As promised, the CBD-only infused beverages don’t create a psychoactive effect and are great for various physical afflictions. Whereas the THC-infused drinks provided an uplifting, euphoric feeling that lasted several hours. Importantly, of course, the flavors are delicious and sophisticated—from turmeric and lemon to rosemary and orange peel, they taste healthy, fresh and not like they’re attempting to mask or hide anything by being overly sweet, sour or bitter.

Currently in five flavors, MONK Drinking Botanicals are only available in certain states.

Images courtesy of MONK



A healthy, refreshing drink packed with benefits made from pure cold-pressed watermelon

by Hans Aschim

In the depths of winter, any hint of warm weather to come is a welcomed one—even if it comes in a 12 oz bottle. Recently launched WTRMLN WTR is exactly what its name (with a few vowels added) implies: Pure and simple cold-pressed, GMO-free watermelon…


Revolution 3D Tea

by Max Gold

Revolution Tea's new 3D teas make their premium blends portable and add a little something extra. Known for a triangular tea bag (the Teapot Infuser, which is designed to brew a small pot of tea), Phoenix, Arizona-based Revolution company is never…


Interview: Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice

A culinary approach to the juice phenomenon takes Venice, California by storm

by Julie Wolfson

Amanda Chantal Bacon’s little juice bar on Rose Avenue in Venice, California has turned into a thriving mecca for raw food. This summer will see Moon Juice expanding, with an opening in Silver Lake, and Bacon is feeling inspired. In addition to juice…


Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing and Living Well

The trio behind the cult LA-based Pressed Juicery institution offers a sneak peek at their book

by Yale Breslin

Hayden Slater, Carly de Castro and Hedi Gores are the founders of Pressed Juicery, an idea they had in 2010 that was grounded in a simple belief: in order to live well and feel healthy, people need to be armed with a set of tools that are simple…


A Natural Hangover Remedy from Province Apothecary

The handmade skincare and fragrance line adds a botanical recipe to soothe nausea and headaches

by Nara Shin

Aromatherapist and holistic health practitioner Julie Clark of Toronto-based Province Apothecary has a knack for experimenting with different natural ingredients (many of which are organic or picked in the wild from Canadian provinces) to create…


Three New Juice Spots in Berlin

Nourishing beverages for all your health and hangover needs in the German capital

by CH Contributor

by Shawn Thomson With the juicing craze already in full swing around the world in cities like New York, Sydney and London, Berlin was a little slow to the game. The German capital has stepped up however with the arrival of three new cold-press juice…



Daily supplements and whole-food powder green juice for healthier living at home and on the road

by Graham Hiemstra

With lofty goals set firmly in their sights, nutrition supplement maker and healthy living advocate ALOHA launches today, 19 November with two products for daily consumption: a whole-food powder green drink and pill-based pack. Founded by serial…


Tosi SuperBites

A crunchy energy bar that’s organic, gluten-free and actually quite tasty

by Nara Shin

The numerous options available in the protein bar aisle of the grocery store can be overwhelming—and oftentimes taste disappointingly stale and synthetic. While in need of a pick-me-up when transferring at LAX, we discovered Tosi SuperBites: organic…


Izo Cleanze

by Ami Kealoha

Delivering specially formulated juices to doorsteps nationwide daily, Izo Cleanze's program makes it easier to undergo the purifying gauntlet of a juice fast. To start the decade off right and to do a little post-merrymaking damage control, one…


Greeno Mojito Smoothie

A delicious mocktail loaded with lime, mint, honey and healthful benefits

by Josh Rubin

What we affectionately call a “weekend smoothie,” the Greeno Mojito is best for when you have a little more time to put into a detoxifying drink. We upped the healthful benefits of ours using the metabolism-revving Revive shake packet from Eleven…

Green Theme: 420 Friendly Products

From candles to boxing gloves to cook books, items for all kinds of cannabis enthusiasts

by CH Editors

As of just two days ago, medical marijuana is now legal in 24 of the United States and some 20 states have also decriminalized possession of small amounts. One of the outcomes of this (other than fewer people being put behind bars for minor offenses…


More Than Just Raw Juice: Tiny Empire

The Williamsburg shop hosts skaters, dinosaur parties, and one day, a rally team

by Nara Shin

In the hubbub of Williamsburg, Tiny Empire’s small, pristine space is where people who like juice stop in for a healthy drink in a creative environment. The shop’s artistic ambiance stems from owner Anthony Spadaro’s alternative youth. “I was part…

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