soel yachts’ electric catamaran moves entirely on solar power

soelcat 12 by soel yacths is a fully solar electric boat paving the way to sustainable sea transportation. together with the okeanos foundation for the sea and the bora bora pearl beach resort, the dutch company set a new example for the worldwide tourism industry by introducing a truly sustainable, noise-free means of transportation.

designed from the very beginning with efficient solar electric propulsion as its purpose, the yacht turns into a powerful grid-feeding station whenever it is not used for cruising. soel yachts and its partner, naval DC, note that up to four households can be supplied with 15kVA of inverter power generated from the yacht, power which the bora bora resort can use for their desalination plant to produce up to 4000 liters of fresh water per hour.

the solar electric boat can be easily transported thanks to its modular design and reassembled by local crews around the world. featuring the naval UI system by naval DC, the soelcat 12 enables guests as well as technicians to view real-time data of the electric propulsion system on their smartphones and tablets.

sofia lekka angelopoulou I designboom

apr 05, 2018

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