Best 3 Design Portfolios of the Month by Semplice

Fubiz and Semplice, a portfolio system by designers for designers, are partnering to bring you a range of creative and inspiring design portfolios each month.

This month we’re featuring portfolios with cinematic work and minimalist layouts that immerse you in the designer’s visual projects. Keep reading to see beautiful design portfolio inspiration and meet leading designers from around the world.

Geo Panch

Geovanny Panchame is a multi-disciplinary designer based in LA and New York. He does everything from art direction to motion to illustration for clients like Google, Espn, Activision and British Airways. Geo’s portfolio is clean and light, bringing focus to his epic visuals. In addition to embedded videos, he features GIFs of his videos in a grid, calling attention to specific shots in an artistic way.

Valentino Marazitti

Valentino Marazitti’s portfolio leads with a looping video graphic that draws you into his surreal and evocative style. Each case study is customized with full-screen cover videos that introduce the work. Valentino designs for a diverse range of brands like adidas, Sony Music, Beats By Dre and Johnnie Walker.

John Birmingham

In contrast with popular light and clean portfolios, John Birmingham’s design portfolio takes a dark approach. Subtle scroll effects lend a moody vibe to projects like Rihanna’s Antidiary campaign or Google’s Android Wear watch faces.

For more creative inspiration visit the Semplice Showcase. We’ll see you next month for a new selection of design portfolios.

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