Can spaces be children-oriented without cannibalizing the grownups’ experience?

VALENCIA, Spain – The adventure of the Little Stories store started with its name. In 2017, the two partners got in touch with Clap Studio with an idea and a brief: a concept shoe store in Valencia, exclusively for children. After several creative brainstorming sessions and workshops, Clap identified three key elements of the future store: simplicity, play and adaptability. Little Stories offers children a dynamic adventure to enrich the mundane business of shopping without neglecting nor indeed cannibalizing the experience of the adults in-store – whether parents or staff.

Every detail in the space is designed to encourage imagination and play while prioritizing the retail function. This contrasts with retail and hospitality spaces that sometimes go so far in catering to children that mature preferences are sacrificed. For instance, Fly Pony, another children’s shoe store in Shanghai, features a similar palette and typology – but the interactive interior by Prism Design feels overly play-oriented.

While flexible, Little Stories doesn’t lose sight of the space’s primary purpose. The product displays are adaptable, with movable floor stands and magnetic metal wall plates that can be arranged in various distributions throughout the bright 70-sq-m space. Vibrant lighting tubes in primary colours hang from the ceiling, offering illumination and decoration.

Clap Studio also forges a connection between Little Stories and the local community, blurring the boundary between interior and exterior by having the large store front open directly to a little urban playground on the street corner.

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