David Zwirner Releases A New Series of Prints & Editions by Jeff Koons

Last week, on the occasion of Art Basel Hong Kong (for which we really enjoyed our time!), heavyweights of the art world, David Zwirner and Jeff Koons, launched a series of prints and editions from the artist’s famed and infamous career.

 From David Zwirner:

Presented here is a comprehensive selection of prints that display the wide range of work from the artist’s career and represent a variety of series, including Banality with the artist’s 1988–1989 Art Ads, a portfolio of four lithographs based on the advertisements Koons placed in Arts, Flash Art, Artforum, and Art in America to publicize the unveiling of his Banality series in simultaneous exhibitions; the brightly colored animal drawings from Easyfun; and the reoccurring Monkey Train motif that connects to human history and self-acceptance from the Hulk Elvis series.

Also highlighted are Koons’s three new prints, published by Two Palms, New York, that belong to his ongoing Gazing Ball Paintings series. The series takes as its point of departure the mirrored gazing ball, a popular yard ornament commonly found in the area around the artist’s childhood home in central Pennsylvania. For these new editioned works, Koons worked with the research lab at Corning to develop a custom-poured, optically perfect, one-millimeter thick circle of mirrored cobalt blue glass that is paired with a masterpiece from art history. This juxtaposition of art historical reference with the viewer’s reflection invites a dialogue about the meaning of time and how we transcend it.

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