For Louis Vuitton, Nocod Studio explores travel – through space and time

First shown in Hong Kong, the exhibition has since travelled to Berlin and arrived most recently in the centre of Bangkok. The sleek, minimalist external architecture of the latest exhibition might strike visitors as contradictory to the classicism often conjured by the brand, but this is a presumption Paris-based Nocod Studio hoped to challenge. Upon entering the space, the visitor is immediately met by a craftsman skillfully handling contemporary tools in the creation of timeless objects. The personification of craftsmanship represents the fashion house’s dedication to technical expertise regardless of time.

In moving throughout the space, visitors are taken down softly lit corridors to rooms packed with design elements borrowed from classic science-fiction interiors. With pieces dating from the company’s founding in 1854 to the present, the exhibition focuses on Louis Vuitton’s relationship with travel and celebrates the journey of the brand and its designs through time. The trunks, purses, travel accessories and archive material are drenched in light – in one room, bags are placed in front of digital windows into placeless landscapes as they speed past. With Elon Musk targeting Space X’s first mission to Mars in less than five years, the exhibition is a glimpse into what can be expected from Louis Vuitton when travel goes cosmic.

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