Friday Favorites: 04.06.18

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a great week. Ours included three trips to the vet for Tate, but luckily it wasn’t anything serious and he is totally fine. We’ve also been busy working on some client presentations and I am gearing up for the Design in Bloom event in Houston and my trip to High Point Market to source new things for clients next week. Since it has been a somewhat stressful week, I’m grateful to have finally gotten back into a pilates routine and found a studio I really like. It took longer to get back into the groove than I would have liked after I fell down the stairs at my house in January. I still have pain from time to time, but am feeling so much better and for that, I am thankful. Here’s what’s been on my radar this week!

Design: A lot of people are talking about the resurgence of traditional design elements in the mainstream. Granted, traditional design is classic for a reason and has never gone out of style to those of us in the know, but for the past several years, the masses have been drawn to a more modern design aesthetic built around a minimal color palette. It seems that the tides are turning and people are embracing things like antiques, chintz, chinoiserie, toile, and what has been referred to as a “granny chic” aesthetic. I’m not a fan of the term and apparently, neither is Christina Dandar of The Potted Boxwood who penned a post this week titled “In Defense of Grandma” which tackles this subject with panache. What are your thoughts on this? I can think of a great descriptor for this style– timeless.

Style: The brilliant British artist and designer, Luke Edward Hall has collaborated with Stubbs and Wooton, makers of the most stylish smoking slippers for a couple of years. His latest collection for the footwear brand is currently available on Moda Operandi and it is super chic. I currently have my eye on this indigo pair embroidered with a couple of Greco busts as well as this jade pair featuring a couple of Greek columns. 

Read: I recently received a fabulous new book, Home: The Foundations of Enduring Spaces that should be required reading for anyone aspiring to be a designer or for any design enthusiast. “Home: The Foundations of Enduring Spaces is the definitive publication from one of the country’s leading colleges of interior design. The lavishly illustrated and highly detailed interior design encyclopedia provides a comprehensive education on home design and decor, from color theory principles to space-specific considerations. Built on the foundation of the College’s curriculum, Home: The Foundations of Enduring Spaces offers an unparalleled mastery of the key elements of lasting design. ‘I wanted to create an interior design resource for people of every level of knowledge as they create beautiful and functional interiors, and introduce them to design thinking and the design process,’ said Dr. Ellen Fisher. Dr. Ellen Fisher, author of the book, is Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College at NYSID. She is a New York State Certified Interior Designer who maintains an active residential and commercial design practice in the New York metropolitan area.” The book explains the foundations of design and also outlines the design process and best practices for designers. 

Watch: My guilty pleasure is mindless reality television– precisely for that reason. It gives me a little while where I don’t have to think or stress about a to-do list and is so very different from my own life. This week saw the return of two of my favorite diversions– The Real Housewives of New York, which is my favorite in the franchise and rarely disappoints. A more recent favorite, Southern Charm has also returned and it looks like it will deliver another drama-filled season with moments so absurd, you couldn’t make them up.

Cook: Although my mom is a wonderful cook and I learned to love good food because of her, she didn’t teach me how to cook. I wasn’t very hands-on in the kitchen when I was growing up and even when I was curious about learning how to make something, it didn’t translate because my mom doesn’t cook from recipes or measure things out exactly. I like to think that Ina Garten and Giada de Laurentiis taught me how to cook. When Fabian and I first got married, I’d come home from my teaching job and watch episodes of Barefoot Contessa and Everyday Italian, where I learned about various cooking techniques and found recipes that I continue to make today. Ina Garten is the ultimate in my book. I just adore her. I haven’t kept up with Giada as faithfully, but I’ve already ordered her newest cookbook, Giada’s Italy: My Recipes for La Dolce Vita. How could I not with that title?! The book is filled with delicious recipes and beautiful photos of Giada’s journey through Italy with her darling daughter, Jade and their family. 

Travel: Last year, I started following Stacie Flinner on Instagram after coming across her beautiful Instagram account. She and her husband just wrapped up a year-long trip around the globe in which they visited 70 countries. Can you imagine? It was the trip of a lifetime, I’m sure. Check out her Instagram and I can guarantee you will have an instant case of wanderlust.

Shop: I love just about anything with a faux bamboo motif. While it works at any time of the year, it feels especially appropriate for spring and summer. I’m currently loving these gilded bamboo brackets, this versatile pair of bamboo hoop earrings, and these bamboo gallery frames which feel a bit more modern in white. 

P.S. Be sure to head over to my stories on Instagram today where I am doing another “Friday Five Q & A” in which I answer questions from my readers and followers! Have a wonderful weekend!

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