Natural Products I’ve Tried Lately

If you have a bit of trouble looking awake in the morning, then have I got an item for you! This is one of my favorite beauty items right now since the pink side is a highlighter for under your eyebrow line on your brow bone and the white side is for highlighting other areas (like the inside corner of your eye) to help your eyes look fresh and awake (and I know I can always use that!). It’s kind of crazy how just a small thing like that can really help, but it totally does for me!

This cleansing oil is great for taking off makeup and since you don’t have to rinse your face if you don’t want to, it helps add some extra moisture to dry skin like mine. I like to use it with some reusable makeup pads and then throw them in the wash in one of these so they don’t all get lost in the laundry shuffle.

We’ve been using this soap with Lola for baths since she’s been born since I wanted something super simple without any fragrance at all on her sensitive newborn skin. But now that she’s a bit older, I’m starting to look for other options that are a little more “fancy” and I found this shampoo/wash that we’ve started using instead. It’s an EWG Verified product (which just means it’s one they recommend for its low-toxicity) and it makes her skin feel extra soft when we are done with her bath, and has a very light scent. Lola loves to hold and teethe on that cute seahorse and turtle while she’s in the tub, so I definitely recommend those too (they are made of natural rubber, certified non-toxic, and painted with food-grade paint).

For an easy all-purpose bathroom cleaner, I’ve been using this concentrate in a spray bottle and adding a few drops of lemon essential oil to create a fresh-smelling cleaner that’s also antibacterial thanks to the lemon oil. It’s nice to have a concentrate for that kind of thing because it can last you a really long time and it’s super fast to make up a new batch! We’re also loving the concentrates you can get from Grove here.

I’ve skipped the produce bags at the grocery store for a while now to cut down on plastic use and reduce waste. But it is a bit annoying to have all that loose produce when checking out and unpacking the bags, so I finally got a set of these and they are great! You can wash them as needed and they have the bag weight listed on each bag, so if you are buying items by the pound they know how much to take off for the bag weight.

If you’re looking for a low-glycemic natural sweetener but aren’t into the stevia aftertaste (I can do small amounts of it but a lot of it can be too much for me!), then you should try this instead! The plant-based eating book that we love recommended it and it’s by far my favorite non-sugar sweetener—I love it! It’s 70% as sweet as sugar so you may need to use a little more, but I like that it’s lighter sweetness rather than the punch of sweet that things like stevia can be.

Since I color my hair blonde, it can tend to be a little dry, so I started using this on wet hair (it’s in this month’s Beauty Box) before I blow dry it and it’s amazing! I had to go and find Todd to make him feel how soft it felt and it didn’t weigh my hair down either, which is a big plus, too.

I’m trying to be extra nice to my hair lately since I’m growing out my postpartum “baby bangs” and all the new hair growth is at a really cool crew cut length around my head. Oh brother! If you have any natural hair products you swear by, let me know! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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