Office Chairs Made from Recycled Fishing Nets!

Humanscale’s latest task chair, Smart Ocean, is an inventive update to the Diffrient Smart task chair, made with recycled fishing net material. The approximately 2 lbs. of recycled plastic used to produce the chair are sourced from ocean plastic pollution-driven company¬†Bureo.¬†Bureo’s¬†Net Positiva program transforms plastic fishing nets into pellets that can later be used to manufacture various products.

Smart Ocean is the first product to emerge from NextWave, a small initiative consisting of office solutions design company Humanscale,¬†Bureo¬†and other like-minded companies, including Dell and Herman Miller. NextWave’s ultimate goal is to redirect materials away from the ocean and into each participating company’s supply chain.

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The chair’s design obviously doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it is the first tangible product available for purchase from NextWave, signaling a further shift in driving the concept of a circular economy in furniture design.

Smart Ocean is available for purchase here. 

I think Parley should get some for their office.

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