Ryan Bubnis' “From The Ground Up” in Portland

A new body of work from Portland-based Ryan Bubnis entitled From the Ground Up will debut at Stephanie Chefas Projects this Friday. Over the last few years, Bubnis has focused on refining the rudimentary forms and pallets that have been the staple of his graphic and illustrative-derivative work. Repetitive gesture and interwoven patterns have given way to a more thorough focus on scale and arrangement, while incorporating assemblage, ceramics, and textiles.

His stylized characters remain as a constant thread, weaving themes from his own personal nostalgia, including his affinity for skate and DIY culture. The exhibition’s title is derived from the title of Bubnis’ ongoing zine, first published in 2009, which he cites as ”an outlet to share thoughts, dreams, fears, and images in a way I hoped connected with people”. This exhibit carries on the themes which have inspired his career and personal growth over the last decade. ––Gabe Scott

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