Scales, Fins, and Feathers: Travis Louie Curates A New Group Show at Spoke NYC

The most recent show at Spoke NYC is titled Of Scales & Feathers, a group exhibition curated by Travis Louie. The exhibit features over 30 artists from around the globe, all of whom were asked to draw inspiration from shapes and textures that may have surfaced in their imagery in the past; scaled, finned and feathered creatures. Exhibited works range from the whimsical and absurd, to the dark and surreal.

For Of Scales & Feathers, artists determined the meaning of scales, fins and feathers. Eric Joyner’s “Patience” depicts a 1950’s kitchen with a robot serving a once living feathered creature in the form of KFC fried chicken. Tiffany Turrill’s “The Loveliest Bed in the World” illustrates a female figure, floating at the bottom of the sea amidst sharks, starfish and other marine life. Alternatively, Jocelyn Henry’s “Chicken or Fish” combines the two elements, depicting a live chicken perched atop a sushi roll, nervously peering at the approaching chopsticks. About the exhibition, curator Travis Louie states, “There is a universal connection that we all have to these outer layers…and there is an obvious biological bridge between scales and feathers. I was curious what images would come to mind when this theme was tasked to the artists. I even told one artist that if they painted Rip Taylor with a feather boa, that would count!”

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