7 Larger-Than-Life Plants That Make Serious Statements

If you love homes that could double as lush jungles, filled to the brim with glorious green plants, but also know you can’t handle all the watering and dusting, consider a single large plant instead. It’s like one big piece of statement art versus a cluttered gallery wall. They are less work, but you still get a healthy dose of living drama. We’ve rounded up the best big indoor plants that are your best bets to beautifully fill a room.

Rubber Plants

If you are looking for a new plant superstar to rescue your home, without demanding very much in return, then run, don’t walk, to buy a rubber plant. These trees have serious presence when they have room to grow, and beautifully grace a room wherever you put them, whether it’s a corner or up front and center.

Rubber Plant in 10″ Planter from Amazon; $49.99 plus free Prime shipping

Birds of Paradise

This tropical heavyweight is a bird of paradise plant, which can grow quite large indoors. If you’re very patient, they will reward you with stunning blooms within 3 – 4 years.

White Bird of Paradise Plant in 9-1/4 in. Pot from Home Depot; $33.99


These funky plants look straight out of a Dr. Seuss book — all spindly and gangly and sculptural. Dracaenas can grow two to ten feet tall, but you can choose keep the plant shorter and bushier by trimming, if that’s your preference.

Olive Trees

If you want a sophisticated-looking old world tree, that can also look striking in modern interiors, take a look at an olive tree. Dwarf varieties will grow up to six feet, with pruning, when you place them in a bright sunny window. They can’t be kept indoors forever, unfortunately, but they sure will look beautiful while they are there.

16″ Olive Tree from Williams and Sonoma; $69.95 plus shipping

Umbrella Plant

Umbrella plants, or Schefflera, aren’t the most well-known or dramatic of the plants out there. But given their lush, pretty foliage, these under-the-radar plants are worth a second look, especially if you want an 8 to 10 foot indoor plant that’s extremely low-maintenance and easy to keep alive. There are dwarf versions that stay much smaller.

Money Trees

You might recognize money trees from their twisted trunks, which are purposefully braided early on before they harden. You might not realize that these trees can reach staggering heights in the wild (up to 60 feet). Indoors they get up to about six or seven feet, which is perfect for your living room. These plants can do relatively well in low light, so they are pretty versatile as well.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you follow design and lifestyle websites, a fiddle leaf fig probably looks pretty familiar by now. They are definitely a fan favorite, and make for gorgeous interior photos. Just know that our readers report that they aren’t the easiest plants to keep healthy and alive, so go in with your eyes open if you choose to buy one.

Fiddle Leaf Fig in 3 Gallon Pot from Amazon; $99 with free Prime shipping

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