Drool-worthy restaurant interiors

Mostly when we go out to eat, we’re there for the food. And while the food is the most important aspect of a meal, it is true that we eat with our eyes first. This also extends to the restaurant itself. Sometimes there’s a charm to low-key, unpretentious spaces, but other times you want to surround yourself with some truly beautiful design. These are our pick of the some of the newest and best in restaurant interiors.

You’d be mistaken for thinking this restaurant is part of a set in a Wes Anderson film, but it’s the newest addition to the Kanpur food scene. Aptly named The Pink Zebra, the restaurant was designed by Indian-based Renesa Studio, and the concepts and origins for the designs are fascinating, as well as strikingly beautiful. The Pink Zebra sits on one of the oldest buildings of Kanpur and this transition of the old to the new through design is a nod to the European grandeur that exists in the town as a hangover from British colonial times.

Credit: Renesa Studio.

Chitchat by the River Shu – Foshan, China

Designed Infinity Nide, this restaurant in the Sichuan region of China is defined by the handmade bamboo weave that runs throughout the entire space. Bamboo is an important material within Sichuan culture and cuisine, which was woven by traditional bamboo artists on site. The weaving stretches across the restaurant’s interior, complemented by dim lighting and concrete furnishings to give an altogether cosy and secluded feel to the tables.

Credit: Infinity Nide

The world-famous chef Albert Adria teamed up with respected firm RCR Arquitectes to create Engima, Adria’s latest restaurant. As the name suggests, the overall feel of the space is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Made up of varying sizes of complete slabs of stone, the interior feels like it melts and disappears into itself and was designed to complete Adria’s iconic avant-garde style of food.

Credit: Enigma, Pepo Segura

The world’s most famous restaurant nearly broke hearts everywhere when chef-and-owner Rene Redzepi announced that Noma would be closing and relocating. All was set right once more, however, when the restaurant reopened in Christiana, an island within Copenhagen. The interiors are exactly what we’ve come to know and love of Noma and all things Scandi. Natural materials, clean lines and minimal accents – the perfect space to allow Redzepi’s food shine.

Credit: Jason Loucas

Chances are you’ve already seen these sofas all over Instagram, so it makes sense North Audley Cantine (NAC) is on our list. Designed by Gundry Ducker in London, this chic bistro is the ultimate in art deco-chic. Between those lush velvet sofas, the bang-on-trend pink walls and the luxurious gold hardware accents, you’d be forgiven for drooling over the decor more than the food.

Credit: Gundry Ducker

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