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Ervin & Smith Offices – Omaha

RDG Planning & Design were tasked to design the offices for digital marketing agency Ervin & Smith, located in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Ervin & Smith office occupies a formerly unfinished 10,200 square foot space located in Omaha at the intersection of S 67th and Frances Streets. In lieu of the stereotypical office work environment, E&S desired a space that would offer diversity regarding workstation environments while allowing impromptu break-out work and collaboration opportunities. Areas to occupy range from private enclosed offices to open café style spaces and booths for individuals or casual group collaboration.

Another prerequisite provided by the client was that there be very little use of color and that the rawness of the existing space is preserved in a fashion that cooperates with the new construction. In response, the decision was made to paint all exposed metal deck, steel structure, ductwork, conduit, etc. white to maintain the visual interest of these elements while creating a consistency in color value. The monochromatic nature of the project is continuous throughout the space incorporating subtly white washed plywood as a finish material, sealed concrete floor, grey textiles, and custom fabricated raw steel details.

DesignerRDG Planning & Design
Design Team: Meg Krause, Crystal Cunningham, Robert R. Krupa
MEP Consultant: Morrissey Engineering, Inc.
ContractorTS Maas Construction, Inc.
Furniture Dealer: HUTCH
Photography: Tom Kessler

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