Lidl's New Gardening Collection Is Total Plantspiration

If you’ve yet to get on board with grocery stores carrying adorable home accessories, now is the time. Lidl’s newest collection is for those plant parents (and wannabe plant parents) who want to nurture their green thumbs, for not a lot of green.

The German supermarket chain—which sadly doesn’t have online shopping, but does have a growing number of locations on the East Coast from Delaware to South Carolina here in the U.S.—launched the new garden collection last month. And some of the pieces are giving us Anthropologie and IKEA vibes.

The concrete planters, which come in medium and small sizes in sets of two or three, would be triple the price at HomeGoods. And the Scandi inspired plant stands are even more bargain priced than ones at IKEA.

If your green thumb is closer to black, you can get a succulent vibe with these impossible to kill (but meltable) cactus candles. There’s also a selection of decorative faux plants, from grasses and lavender in bags, and various fake succulents in mason jars.

Check out your nearest Lidl for the full garden collection.

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