Marina Abramović Is Going To Electrify Herself with 1 Million Volts For the Sake of Art

I can still remember how in awe I was of the brilliant performance piece, The Artist Is Present, Marina Abramović’s incredible project in the atrium of MoMA back in 2010. Her entire career has had beautiful and poetic moments, but her newest scheme, according to Verge, at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, “Abramović plans to electrify herself with 1 million volts, The London Times reports. Then she’ll attempt to extinguish a candle with the electric charge gathered at her fingertips.”

On top of that, Verge notes, “Abramović will be the first woman ever to take over the main gallery of the Royal Academy,” so that’s a big win. And we assume, because she is a professional artist, that she will be fully researched in electrifying herself? Also from Verge, “She will reportedly be working with engineer and Factum Arte founder Adam Lowe, who told the Times, ‘Electricity is something that people really don’t understand. If you look on the internet though, you will see people becoming highly charged and as long as they are insulated, you can fly bits of lightning out of your fingers’.”

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