Rosie Mudge’s ‘In my room with Mazzy Star’ at SMITH Studio

SMITH is excited to introduce In my room with Mazzy Star, an expansive new collection of works from visual artist Rosie Mudge.

Rosie Mudge’s first solo exhibition, In my room with Mazzy Star, invites the viewer to look through the works on display as through windows, to play with traditions of vision and painting.

You will recognise these works from the various art fairs this year. Made from nail polish and glitter glue on a grand scale, Mudge’s paintings take something that usually only exists in small and contained supplies and expands it to the surface of her canvases. She uses an airbrush to layer her colours, a technique that erases the artist’s hand from the work. Each painting is an iteration of a personal emotion that folds and bends through time and experience, a feeling as subtle as the play of light across her shimmering canvases where layers of glitter glue reflect hues in response to the input from light and colour surrounding them.

Going to ‘my room’, that safe space of individuality and creativity, is the artist’s way of returning to the nature of creative production. From ‘her room’ she can begin to remake the mechanisms by which she can visualise feeling, freed from external expectations and languages. As such, In my room with Mazzy Star is a creative process that moves towards the Unknown. From the psychological safety of her room, the artist seeks to evoke the inexpressible and ungraspable.

Mudge’s paintings evoke a sensation of deep recesses of space despite their material flatness, a sense of space that is optimistic and inviting, conveying a movement towards an uncertain point. The exhibition is a generous invitation to share something both personal and universal, something often described as fundamentally human.

In my room with Mazzy Star will show from 4 April 2018 until 5 May 2018.

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