Stockio Review: Free Photos and Videos Without Any Hassle

One of the stickiest situations you can get into as a designer, blogger, or business person, in general, is grabbing a random photo or video from the internet and not giving credit to the person who created it. The same goes for other items like fonts and vectors.

However, paying for an image or another asset like that can prove to be rather expensive, which makes it out of the question for a smaller business on a budget. However, sites like  have done wonderful jobs of compiling beautiful imagery, videos, and fonts, all for free.

So, if you need a picture of a tree or a house, or maybe a video of business people in a meeting, you can go ahead and download it from Stockio and not have to worry about giving credit or paying any money.

And that’s what’s so great about Stockio. Most of the time you end up at a free stock image site only to see that you need to include a credit link under the photo if you want to publish it.

However, some business, design, or blogging materials won’t allow for that. For instance, a header or slider image on a website won’t look good with a link below it.

Therefore, we recommend checking out Stockio for , and various other items.

Stockio Review – What Do You Get?

The free photos are pretty cool, but you can also go to Stockio for  and .

The images are beautiful, and the search experience doesn’t seem too tedious at all. When I go to the Free Photos page it has a long list of photos I can download right away. For example, the first page showed my images of cameras, street signs, birds, people kissing, and much more. None of them look amateur at all, and all you have to do is click through to view the larger versions.

As for the videos and fonts, they are all organized nicely so that you can quickly scroll through the gallery and find the items you need. The videos can be played without clicking on the Play button. all you have to do is go to the actual video page. I noticed some videos of wildlife, farm equipment, rivers, and much more.

The fonts are quite appealing as well, as you can download them right to your computer and use them in your own website and marketing materials. What’s more is that the fonts are categorized so that you’re not searching too long for the perfect option. Some of the font categories include the following:

  • Basic
  • Decorative
  • Destroy
  • Display
  • Eroded
  • Fancy
  • Gothic
  • Handwritten
  • Retro

As you browse through the fonts it seems like there’s a neverending list of them. The downloads are given in a zip file, and these are completely open to anyone who wants to use them.

The Stockio Experience

Upon landing on the Stockio website you’ll see an area to search for free photos. You also have the option to change the search to videos, fonts, vectors, or icons.

When I searched for trees, it delivered a solid selection of outdoorsy images, all of which I wouldn’t mind using on a blog, or for client materials.

One thing I noticed about Stockio is that it’s not cluttered with ads or popups. Many free stock image websites are known for this, where it shows all sorts of advertisements as you try to download one simple photo.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be logged into the website in order to download any of the assets. Sometimes with free image sites you’re forced to create an account or punch in your email address. With Stockio you can remain completely anonymous yet still grab all the photos or videos you need.

When going to an image page it has a large Free Download button you can’t miss. Depending on the type of download the button reveals the different formats and sizes. For example, one of the photos I wanted to use had five image sizes, allowing me to decide on whether or not I’d like to have a big or small image.

The site also mentions who can use the photo underneath the Download button. Most of them are completely free for personal and commercial use, but some of them might be different.

Towards the bottom of the asset page, you can find an onslaught of similar photos, videos, or fonts. During my test, I landed on a picture of a bird. I found it good looking, but the similar photos section delivered dozens of other bird images for me to choose from. This way, if you don’t find what you’re looking for on the first search, you can see what is related to the current image.

Another thing I noticed is that Stockio provides a few social media sharing buttons. So, if you locate a photo that might work for a project you can share it with people in your organization.

Who Should Consider Stockio?

The Stockio database is perfect for smaller businesses, bloggers, and designers who don’t want to pay too much money for their stock photos and videos. The same goes for fonts, vectors, and icons. Overall, it makes sense to bookmark Stockio, since there’s no reason to pay for a beautiful stock photo if there’s an alternative for free.

I also like Stockio for those who are tired of giving credit to the artists. Obviously, I think that artists should be credited for their work, but I ‘d rather pay them, rather than have to put a link under an image in a blog post. It just looks so tacky.

Therefore, Stockio opens up a platform for newer artists who want to get their work out there, and it allows businesses and individuals with budgets the opportunity to find beautiful images, fonts, videos, and more.

If you have any questions about this Stockio review, let us know in the comments section below. Also, feel free to check out the and bookmark it for future use. There’s no sign up and no fees along the way!

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