You Have To See This Miniature Kitchen Get Remodeled

It’s no secret that we love a good before and after. A recent ad for financial startup SoFi walks us through a kitchen renovation—on a smaller scale than even we are normally used to.

In the 90 second video, a hand flips on a tiny light switch and gets to demoing, stripping the wallpaper, taking off the counters, and removing the cabinet doors with a minuscule screwdriver. Then, it’s in with the new: painting with an adorably small roller, setting in the new counter, laying the hardwood floor.

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A product of viral marketing agency Butterbar, the team tapped architect and model enthusiast Jannette Le to build the tiny set and then renovate it. There’s even a behind the scenes making of video with more details, including how painstaking all the little touches were. Le, who was also the art director on the video, tells Adweek:

“All of the floorboards were individually stained and laid. Cabinetry and furniture were hand-carved and then buffed and scratched to look worn. The marble countertops were hand-painted. We tried to use as many true-to-life materials as possible, to make it as realistic, so the doors are made a real wood, we used real wallpapering glue so that the peeling appeared authentic, and the floors were really made of vinyl.”

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The spot took three days to film, and you can see a little more on how they did it in the video above.

h/t Adweek

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