“Season Zero” at Beeler Gallery

Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann,

Artists: A Constructed World, Xavier Antin, Art & Language, Ephraim Asili, Maia Asshaq, Danielle Aubert, Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann, Alain Badiou, Dodie Bellamy, Julie Béna, Antonia Birnbaum, Black & Red Books and the Detroit Printing Co-Op, Black Pages (Christoph Meier, Ute Müller, Nick Oberthaler), Julien Bouillon, Nancy Brooks Brody, JillCasid, Château de Montsoreau, Tyler Coburn & Byron Peters, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Guy Debord, Chris Domenick, Antoine Dufeu, ÉCAL, Joy Episalla, Richard Fletcher, Neil Goldberg, Michael Goodson, Ann Hamilton, Fabrice Hergott, Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet, Lauren Hirtle, Yin Ho, Jake Holler, Index Art Book Fair, Stéphane Kropf, Eckhaus Latta, Les Levine, Robert Loss, Daniel Marcus, Dr. Natalie Marsh, Matt Masara, M/E/A/N/I/N/G (Susan Bee and Mira Schor), Michael Mercil, Zane Miller, Minus Plato, Gean Moreno, Lara Ögel, One Thousand Books, Gina Osterloh, Flemming Ove Bech, Virginia Overton / Wade Guyton, Steve Panton, Pierre Paulin, James Payne, Jiahao Peng, Fredy Perlman and Lorraine Perlman, Dushko Petrovich, Benjamin Plantier, Portikus, fierce pussy, Sarah Robayo Sheridan, Em Rooney, Johan Rosenmunthe, DJ Henry Ross, Ian Ruffino, Amy Sillman, Sable Elyse Smith, Emily Spivack, Jo-ey Tang, Jennifer Teets, Turpentine (Jean-Luc Blanc, Mimosa Echard, Jonathan Martin), Sharon Udoh, Michael Van den Abeele, Merijn van der Heijden, Lodret Vandret, Sergio Verastegui, Vier5, Villa ArsonJames Voorhies, Eric Wrenn, Carrie Yamaoka, YuJi

Venue: Beeler Gallery, Columbus

Exhibition Title: Season Zero: How well do you behave? IN THE FLAT FIELD.

Organized by: Jo-ey Tang and Ian Ruffino

Date: February 1 – March 25, 2018

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Archive of Black & Red Books and the Detroit Printing Co-Op

Les Levine

Chris Domenick and Em Rooney

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Vier5, American Dream, 2012, video, 59 seconds

Vier5, Monsters, 2014, video, 58 seconds

Vier5, The Iniminable, 2018, video, 3 minutes 31 seconds

Images and videos courtesy of Beeler Gallery, Columbus

Press Release:

Beeler Gallery at Columbus College of Art & Design presents How well do you behave? IN THE FLAT FIELD.. This is Season Zero. It brings together printed historical materials from various fields. From art and design school printed matter (Portikus, ÉCAL, Cranbrook Academy ofArt, Villa Arson), to radical literature archive (Black & Red Books and Detroit Printing Co-Op), from fashion runway invitations (Eckhaus Latta) to a philosopher’s notes (Alain Badiou), from a 1970 art tabloid (Culture Hero) to Columbus’ first art book fair. With an ethos of slow programming, these materials will accumulate throughout the season. Things will come and go and stay for different durations. This is not an exhibition.

How can aesthetic, political, and intellectual urgency be conveyed and designed in the present moment? We look at —and look back at —these materials not as artifacts but as media-screens of first encounters. How well do we behave towards materials? How well do materials behave back? What resonances and resistance are there for the here and now? And finally, what responsibilities does a gallery situated in an art and design school have in the present moment?

• Micro-histories of art and design schools through their printed matter: the architectural motif of the portico in the posters of Portikus, Städelschule since its beginning (Frankfurt, Germany), the arrivals of American artists at Villa Arson (Nice, France. Selection and reflection by Julien Bouillon, and further reflections by Julie Béna and Sergio Verastegui), lecture series and exhibition postcards by the in-house printing facility of ÉCAL (Lausanne, Switzerland. Reflections by Stéphane Kropf), and the promotional posters for the various departments at Cranbrook Academy of Art (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan)by Katherine McCoy and Michael McCoy, many produced alongside students in the 1970s and 1980s.

• The archive of Black & Red Books and the Detroit Printing Co-Op, featuring the first unauthorized English 1970 edition of Guy Debord’s influential 1967 book The Society of the Spectacle. Curated by Danielle Aubert (based on a previous exhibition co-organized with Maia Asshaq at 9338 Campau, Hamtramck in 2016).

• A special 1970 issue of the short-lived art tabloid Culture Hero founded by artist Les Levine, printed in rainbow-plated lithograph, dedicated to The Village Voice dance critic Jill Johnston, featuring writings by James Lee Byars, Meredith Monk, Yvonne Rainer, Andy Warhol, and more. (This special issue of Culture Hero is part of the CCAD Rare Books Collection.)

• The gender-fluid New York and Los Angeles-based fashion designer duo Eckhaus Latta’s runway invitations from 2013 to 2018, designed by Eric Wrenn.

• French philosopher Alain Badiou’s lecture notes on love, which formed the basis for his book In Praise of Love (2012), will be installed in Schema Corridor, leading into and informing the moving image programming of Beeler Gallery, including artist Sable Elyse Smith, graphic designer duo Vier5, artist Les Levine, and filmmaker Ephraim Asili.

• Architectural maquettes of Beeler Gallery, built by Zane Miller, containing free artist-made publications, will be replenished throughout the season: a Beeler exclusive newsprint by fierce pussy (Transmission III); archive of M/E/A/N/I/N/G (Susan Beeand Mira Schor); archive of Black Pages (Christoph Meier, Ute Muller, Nick Oberthaler);archive of Amy Sillman’s zine series O.G., Tupertine (Jean-Luc Blanc, Mimosa Echard, Jonathan Martin); Yu Ji; Gina Osterloh; Xavier Antin; Pierre Paulin; Tyler Coburn and Byron Peters; Ann Hamilton; Virginia Overton and Wade Guyton; Lara Ögel, and protest posters from Château de Montsoreau celebrating the 500th year anniversary of Martin Luther (by Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet, Antonia Birnbaum, Fabrice Hergott, Antoine Dufeu, A Constructed World, and Art & Language).

• Amenities-based projects: Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann will envision functional seating space for reading, listening, and conversations. Chris Domenick and Em Rooney will construct coat rack that will be re-adapted next winter.

• An Art Book Affair, Columbus’ first art book fair with the participation of the Detroit Art Book Fair, Copenhagen’s art book fair One Thousand Books, Mexico City’s Index Art Book Fair, and art book publishers. On this occassion, Beeler Gallery will release a limited-edition boxset of unauthorized facsimile publications by Bureau for Open Culture, made during James Voorhies’ former directorship. Johan Rosenmunthe and Flemming Ove Bech of Lodret Vandret will lead a 3-day workshop and co-publish a book on cryptocurrency with Columbus College of Art & Design fine art students. Black & Red Books and Detroit Printing Co-Op co-founder Lorraine Perlman in conversation with Maia Asshaq, Danielle Aubert, and Steve Panton. Moderated by Daniel Marcus.

• Other conversations and events:

1. Our Book to Come (this week, last year) –An interactive lecture series by Richard Fletcher, Associate Professor in the Department of Classics at The Ohio State University, based on his blog Minus Plato, exploring the process of reforming the daily posts written last year into thematic chapters of an upcoming book, No Philosopher King: An Ancient Guide to Art and Life under Trump. The first and last lectures will take place during installation and de-installation of Season Zero.

2. Nancy Brooks Brody, Joy Episalla, Carrie Yamaoka of the New York-based queer women artist collective fierce pussy on their collective and individual works in advance of their upcoming fall season at Beeler Gallery. Moderated by Jill Casid.

3. Wager of Word -Jennifer Teets conceives an evening on fictocritique, materalisms and tone, with artist Michael Van den Abeele, writer Dodie Bellamy, and curator Gean Moreno (Curator of Programs, ICA Miami).

4. Listening To: Pop Resistance –A listening event with Robert Loss and Sharon Udoh of Counterfeit Madison, on Afrofuturism and the possibility of newness in music.

5. Jo-ey Tang invites his predecessors Dr. Natalie Marsh, Michael Goodson, James Voorhies, and assistant director Ian Ruffino, on the unique of art school gallery and what it means to “take over”a space.

6. Les Levine in conversation with Sarah Robayo Sheridan on his art tabloid Culture Hero, the role of the artists and his prescient work that spans five decades.

7. Dushko Petrovich on his upcoming The Daily Gentrifier flyover flyer – Columbus edition, to be launched at Beeler Gallery this year.

8. And lectures by Neil Goldberg, Sable Elyse Smith, and Emily Spivack.

• Opening DJ set: HenryRoss, whose sound will move through the indeterminacy and legibility of the season’s materials.

• Post-season bulletin in a downloadable pdf on beelergallery.org, with reflections by James Payne, Yin Ho, Merijn van der Heijden, and self-reflection by Jennifer Teets.

How well do you behave? IN THE FLAT FIELD. is organized by Director of Exhibitions Jo-ey Tang and Assistant Director of Exhibitions Ian Ruffino.

Link: Season Zero at Beeler Gallery

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