this cone shaped computer mouse by inyeop baek is no joke

according to designer, inyeop baek, ‘CONE’ is the solution to simplifying the computer mouse. CONE’s primary clicker has a long surface area; its scroller rests comfortably beneath the thumb; every design decision of this ‘vertical mouse’ was made in order to provide a comfortable, seamless, minimal experience.

all images courtesy of inyeop baek

to those deeply set in their computer-mouse-ways, this new vertical mouse may shock or disappoint, but biology can’t be ignored — our hands naturally curl in such a way that inyeop baek’s CONE accounts for. aside from its shape, nothing has changed. it uses the same sensor technology (located underneath) as common computer mice, and it’s compatible with bluetooth as well.

inyeop baek

inyeop baek

inyeop baek

zach andrews I designboom

mar 27, 2018

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