An interactive guide to learning Rust

An interactive guide to learning Rust!

  • It requires you to look at the docs!
  • It requires you to search the web.
  • It requires you to ask for help on IRC.



cargo is Rust’s package manager and part of the Rust instalation. You can use it to access public packages on, create new packages or format your code.

For now all you care about is cargo run


Start at branch step1 (default branch)

  • Use cargo watch or cargo watch -x run and try to get the program to compile at each step.
  • Once the program compiles move onto the next branch step1 -> step1.1 -> step2 -> step2.1 -> step3


Yes the answers can be found in the branch answer. Try not to cheat; you wont learn! Asking on IRC is preferable to cheating.

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