experience hidden senses at sony’s milan design week 2018 exhibition

during milan design week 2018, see, hear and feel hidden senses that inform your everyday life. the sony ‘hidden senses’ exhibition creates a sensorial experience where the relation between technology and human behavior is explored to envision an enriched lifestyle for a new tomorrow. visitors will experience the incredible opportunities advancements offer but seamlessly, as the technology blends into a highly focused and attuned contextual space, full of familiar objects.

what if lighting could enhance its expression? shake the lamp to trigger the interaction, change color, pattern and even mood
image courtesy of sony

with a DNA that promotes doing things that others do not do, sony strives to always bring a completely new everyday into our lives. from its conception, the brand has always been aware of the importance of design, establishing its own design division in 1961. since then, they have been on a continuous quest for innovation and outstanding creativity, expanding from electronics all the way to financial services and beyond. this lives on today with the ‘perceptual experience project, which, as well as resulting in the ‘hidden senses’ exhibition, challenges their designers to stimulate shifts in perfection through design and technology.

what if a wall light reacts to movement, such as detecting distance and responding with variable light and shadow, shapes and movement?

the sony design team plays an important part in interpreting the benefits of the constant and rapid evolution of technology and merging it with design solutions. continuing this, and challenging preconceptions, they believe technology should not be intrusive, instead blending smoothly into our spaces to create new forms of communication in our daily lives. and the ‘hidden senses’ exhibition showcases this practice and the beneficial results it delivers.

what if the objects on the shelf gently communicate information using sounds and shadows?

with technology part of our daily lives and households, sony aims to transform the functional value and innovation of objects to contribute towards an emotionally enriching experience. whilst their products are renowned for elegantly fitting modern spaces, the design process is more than a matter of lines and shapes. their design team explores ways of integrating technology in order to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

what if your digital photographs can be automatically shared on a wall?

the ‘hidden senses’ exhibition, composed of five case study areas, showcases different ways in which design is applied to technology as it interacts with people, products and spaces. as you journey through each room, ‘hidden senses’ will be gradually revealed, from conceptual interaction into examples of contextual application. the environments engage to create perceptual experiences. as visitors transition from one space to another, the areas become richer and more rewarding, reflecting the way sony tries to enhance our everyday lives.

what if a shadow of a large plant offers you daily information?

the fifth and final space concludes the sensorial trip and continues the message of enrichment further. the area is designed as a new and unique life space scenario, one for a new tomorrow. embracing the latest technology, but inconspicuously – objects go extraordinarily beyond their inner nature, where design facilitates new interactions and benefits. it fully highlights the ways in which sony merges technology and objects together in order to bring new emotions and experiences to people.

what if the material and function of this shelf changes as you interact with it?

all will be experienced at spazio zegna, via savona 56/A, milan, during milan design week 2018, april 17-22.

what if a wall light reacts to movement, such as detecting distance and responding with variable light and shadow, shape and movement?

what if you can change mood and ambience to meet your needs by simply turning the disc?

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