FROAM, a collection of urethane foam spray furniture by SDW

FROAM’ collection is a series of furniture, designed by japanese studio sdanley design work (SDW) and made from thin metal plates and urethane foam spray. focusing on the characteristics of free expanding and elasticity, sdanley started the experiment using the material in furniture design. the collection comprises stools, chairs, and a table.

the stools

after many tests and failures, SDW found out that by using foam spray’s characteristics of expanding and stickiness even with the unstable furniture structure built from thin metal plates, it is only possible to impart strength with urethane foam. in the final model production, the studio tried to use the minimum amount of urethane spray, which would still be strong enough for people to use.

because of the two times volume expansion of urethane foam, the simple shape of furniture becomes more organic and natural. SDW also made a ‘cutting version’ to add variety to the collection. ‘from now on I’ll try to explore more possibilities of combination of urethane and other materials and find out more interesting production and design processes,’ says sdanley shon, the founder of SDW.

the ‘cutting version’

‘froam’ table

the foam spray expands very freely

with minimum amounts of foamed urethane, the gaps can be used as shelves

all structures were built from thin metal plates

the structure can stand by itself but is not stable enough to be used like furniture

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edited by: maria erman | designboom

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