Never Forever: Daniel Rich's Symbolic Political Landscapes @ Peter Blum Gallery, NYC

In our Winter 2018 issue, we sat down with Daniel Rich, he left us with a powerful message about how he approaches his exhibitions: “I like working with these seemingly unconnected images. But then they do all connect on multiple levels, just not overtly. I have been told that I should make more theme-based shows, but for some reason, I can never quite get into that idea. I don’t want to make a show that’s all the same kinds of building or towers, or this or that. That kind of bores me. History is too chaotic.”

Rich is now set to open up a new solo show, Never Forever, this April 13 at Peter Blum Gallery in NYC. Again, Rich is at it with seemingly disconnected images that tell a story of the world as it exists now. As the gallery notes, “The paintings in Never Forever offer points of entry to consider architectures’ ability to serve as a symbolic backdrop for unfolding political events and changing power structures. The paintings, most often of the built environment, are always devoid of people—the human figure is implied through the presence and perspective of the viewer.”

“The show, I guess, is inspired by current events,” Rich told us. “There’s all this talk about globalism and anti-globalism, and just the fact that we have already moved past that point of being anti-globalism, I think. We are all in this world together, we’re more connected than ever. To be anti-globalist at this point in this country is just ridiculous. That’s what the show is going to revolve around. I’ve been working again on the Amazon fulfillment center works, and there will be a couple of those.”

Read our interview with Daniel Rich from this past Winter here. 

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