plastic pipes used to distribute water transformed into hand blown vases

kodai iwamoto transforms mass-produced plastic pipes into ‘ex-portation’, a series of flower vases on show during milan design week. exploring the potential of combining an old manufacturing process with a cheap, easily-available material, the japanese product designer applied the technique of glass blowing to turn plastic pipes used to distribute water into works of art.

by applying air pressure into a closed pipe, kodai iwamoto then slowly warmed the pipe with a heater to make it soft and moldable. as with glass blowing, many factors such as the shape of the mold, air-pressure and the speed of heating the pipe’s surface affect the shape of an object. the collection of vases born out of plastic tubes will be exhibited as part of ventura future from 17 to 22 of april.

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edited by: sofia lekka angelopoulou | designboom

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