The Spirit of the Ocean in your Home


On a calm day the ocean can be a wonderfully serene and tranquil place and with the help of Float, you can begin to evoke this within your home. With a form that is inspired by that of Japanese glass fishing floats, which gently bob on the surface of the sea, this light makes for an extremely attractive feature in any room.

Due to its unique and flexible design, it looks striking either hung-up on the wall or resting on a table. The spherical section lets out 360 degrees of light in the form of a warm but gentle glow, therefore softly illuminating the entire room.

Float’s form can still be appreciated when the light is off; its carefully crafted form is minimal yet literal and is free from any unnecessary elements to ensure the design isn’t at all fussy. This makes this versatile light a perfect addition to any home!

Designer: Viviana Degradi for Gantri

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