Trading Spaces Is Back & Twitter Has Feelings

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It’s finally happened: the “mother of design shows” has returned after a ten year hiatus, and everyone is reliving those early aughts vibes. Here’s how the first episode of the Trading Spaces reboot went down, and what Twitter thought of it. [Spoilers ahead.]

So much of the OG cast is back, including everyone’s favorite host, Paige Davis, sporting a “this ain’t my first rodeo” tee. And it’s no one’s first rodeo, really; there are so many familiar moments in the first episode. To kick it off, we get a classic key swap moment, despite that these two neighbors are sisters and their respective husbands.

There’s no easing back into it, either: the first two designers are Hildi and Doug, and is anyone really ready to let them loose in their homes? They have double the budget ($2,000) and double the carpenters (Hildi has Ty and Doug has Carter) than the original series, and well, they still push both to the limits.

Despite telling the homeowners they have a say (lol), the only real moment of choice comes when they get to pick something their designer has to use in the room from the new Wayfair tent. Wayfair also has a section on their site where you can shop items featured on the show, like bird figurines and an arc lamp.

Check out how Twitter reacted to the return of the pioneering series.

Some questioned whether this is a good idea.

We’re all older now, that’s for sure.

Some just aren’t ready.

Technically, she didn’t glue anything, so… progress?

Someone whip up a bracket and order some wings.

Reactions to Hildi’s room were cold.

Doug didn’t have it in the bag, though.

(You can check out the full 360 of both rooms if you need a refresher.)

But in the end, we still feel this way.

Next week, there’s already a twist: Ty and Carter will be the designers! How do you think they’ll do?

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