10 IKEA Hacks to Keep Your Houseplants Happy

If you want to introduce more greenery into your home (while keeping more green in your wallet), IKEA once again comes to the rescue. By embellishing IKEA’s inexpensive planters and turning baskets into hanging container gardens, you can create an indoor forest for a lot less than it would cost to stock up at your local garden center. Being a plant parent just got much more affordable.

IKEA’s $5 shelf bracket can hold more than just shelves. Lisa from the German blog It’s Pretty Nice devoted hers to holding plants, but it also makes a lovely stand for a pendant lamp.

We thought this tiered IKEA plant stand looked pretty chic to start, but by adding wooden plates to the piece, Sugar & Cloth elevated the stand’s style.

Originally a lantern, the $8 BORBY was repurposed by Thou Swell into a charming terrarium. Craft your own mini greenhouse by following the how-to, along with our terrarium-building tips.

Once again proving that leather makes everything look more sophisticated, IKEA Hackers turned an old leather belt into a hanger for an IKEA planter.

How do you transform a woven IKEA basket into a home trendy enough for a fiddle leaf fig tree? Simply spray-paint the bottom to give it a two-tone, paint-dipped appearance, as House of Hawkes did above.

Separate the wooden legs of a FROSTA stool, and each one can act as a holder for hanging plants. Translate the instructions found on vtwonen.

If you don’t have surface area to spare in your small apartment, use sturdy string to hang up IKEA’s woven seagrass baskets. Visit Burkatron to learn how to waterproof each container.

We’ve been praising the RASKOG’s versatility for years, so it comes as no surprise that this handy rolling cart can even serve as a mobile plant station. The Kitchn offers guidelines for strategically placing herbs and hanging tools on the cart.

Simply decorating inexpensive IKEA pots is an easy way to make your succulents feel special. Heather from Growing Spaces used a regular black Sharpie marker to draw patterns on white containers.

To give IKEA’s large planters some midcentury-modern flair, Sugar & Cloth perched them atop tapered furniture legs.

We firmly believe that gold spray paint can solve almost anything, and this metallic hanging planter is Exhibit A. To create this golden globe, Brittany Goldwyn drilled through a stainless steel bowl from IKEA, before painting it and suspending it from the ceiling

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