Spring is in the air, which means that many of us are ready to break out our lighter jackets and open-toed shoes. There’s more than one way to celebrate the season, though—have you ever thought about making your love of florals and mild temperatures a permanent fixture on your body? Spring tattoos are a fantastic way to always covet this time of year… even when snow is falling.

Flowers are one thing that people associate the most with spring. During this time, vibrant blooms emerge and the green leaves return to the trees. Both are popular choices for tattoos, especially since these aspects of nature can be done in a myriad of styles. From watercolors to thin outlines to stunning realism, each approach will still scream spring.

Of course, blooms aren’t your only option for spring-inspired ink. Because we’re generally outside more in the warmer months, we’re more likely to encounter creatures from little ladybugs to garden snakes. Their exquisite anatomy is another great option for a tattoo.

For your own spring tattoo inspiration, check out some of our picks, below. But if you’re not ready to take the permanent plunge, we’ve got a selection of gorgeous floral temporary tattoos over at My Modern Met Store.

Celebrate warm weather and beautiful blooms with these artful spring tattoos!

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