3 Completely Perfect Color Combinations We Don't See Nearly Enough

Black and white. Blue and yellow. Gray and…just about everything. In the world of color palettes, there exists many safe bet, go-to combinations. Of course, those are all incredibly lovely and basically timeless, but what about giving something just a little different a go once in a while? For those moments when you’re ready for a bit of a shade shift, consider one of these powerful three color pairings that we don’t see nearly enough, but are totally obsessed with.

Orange + Dusty Blue

You may already know that blue and orange are complementary colors, but a slight tweak in the shades (a little lighter, a little deeper) always creates interior spaces that buzz. There’s something about the strength of the orange met by the cool cast of the dusty blue that just makes a room sing, don’t you think?

Dave Coote Design conveyed the lovely color combo via orangey and burnt accents against dusty blue blanketed the walls.

Designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd opted for brightly colored artwork to meet the softer, dusty accents on the wall and in the console.

Here, from Martha Stewart via Enchanted Home, dusty French blue provides the perfect frame for those bold pops of vibrant orange.

Baby Blue + Olive

These two hues might reside on the same side of the color wheel, but when paired together, they bring something entirely different to the table. The light-hearted baby blue plays nicely with the deeply sophisticated olive green, revealing spaces that are fresh feeling and lively.

Design firm House of Jade punched up this bedroom with a chic baby blue wallcovering and olive green accents.

Sometimes, all you need to create a stellar color palette is the perfect wall color…and the perfect plant as made evident by Danish interiors firm Spatial Code.

Atlanta designer Liz Williams turned to the color couple when assembling this botanical gallery wall anchored by an olive sofa adorned with a baby blue bolster and pillow.

This kitchen found via Making It Lovely (by Parisian architect Phillippe Harden) embraces this color team well as the olive grounds the bottom cabinetry and the baby blue serves as a light and airy respite for the upper wall and shelves.

Teal + Citron

Our last color couple is like the life of the party. With two powerful shades in one space, you might think a struggle for center stage would ensure, but to the contrary, these hues attract equal attention when paired together.

Teal might be the obvious star of this interior space by designer Katie Ridder, but it’s the citron accents that make the room sing on key.

Taking a bold approach, designer Todd Alexander Romano flocked the walls of his home featured on Elle Decor with a vintage silk citron paper matched by silk cushions on his regency dining chairs—now that’s a breakfast nook!

A backdrop of teal patterned Graham & Brown wallpaper sets the scene for vintage circle chairs embellished with citrus fabric.

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