Batavia's Three-Function Barbecue Grill

Last week we looked at Robert Brunner/Ammunition’s design for Fuego Grills, a low-hassle, easy-to-use product. This week we’re looking at Batavia’s 4Grill Barrel Barbecue, which in addition to grilling, can also be used as a smoker or a slow cooker. (The manufacturer cites “fireplace” as a fourth function, but we’re only interested in the cooking applications here.)

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Fuego and Batavia’s products offer vastly different user experiences (particularly during the often overlooked not-in-actual-use phase). The multiple functions of the 4Grill sound attractive, but looking at the set-up/breakdown, I’m not confident I’d be inclined to do it that often (and I am confident I’d somehow lose at least one of those pieces):

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It continues to be freezing cold in New York, so I keep looking at barbecue grills online as a form of escapism. I’ll try to find a new one each week until it’s warm enough for us to actually use one. In the meantime, sound off: Would you use the 4Grill, or do you prefer a dedicated smoker?

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